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Personal Space Storage LLC

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    Storage Unit Auctions

    The last thing we want to do is to sell your stuff. Nonetheless, sometimes, we are left with no other choice.

    No auctions are planned at this time. All interested bidders must be registered prior to the start of the auction (10:00 AM). Please leave us a message under “Contact” to be added to our list of invited bidders.

    Auction Rules

    1. All potential bidders must be 18 years old or above, have valid ID, and register in advance.

    2. All sales will normally be in cash. If a credit/debit card is presented, the card holder agrees to pay a 2.5% convenience surcharge and waives all rights to revoke or later renounce his/her credit/debit authorization. No personal checks.

    3. You are bidding on the entire lot. All goods are sold “as is” with no implied warranty as to condition or useability. (no exceptions). All sales final and absolute!

    4. If the bid exceeds $1,500.00 the winning bidder will deposit $500 cash and will have three hours to come up with the remaining cash. Failure to return within the time period will result in a forfeiture of the deposit.

    5. All winning bidders must post, in addition to the amount of their bid, a $50.00 refundable cleaning fee. This amount will be refunded when the purchased unit is rendered empty and “broom clean.” Buyers not in possession of a valid California Resale Permit will be required to pay sales tax at the rate of 8%

    6. The on site dumpster is for occupant and management use only and not for the disposal of auction items.

    7. As far as practical, successful bidders should remove their acquisitions after the auction has ended and prior to the close of business on the bid day (5:00 PM). A 24 hour grace period may be offered in circumstances of hardship. A second 24 hour grace period may be offered against a $20.00 charge. The offering of a grace period does not establish a storage contract or agreement. Any property left on the premises after the expiration of all grace period(s) will be considered abandoned and will be disposed of at the successful bidders expense. If you wish to secure your acquisitions with a padlock please verify with the owner that your lock is appropriate for a 24-48 hour use.

    8. If you come across personally identifiable information regarding either the original owner or others, such information is to be either returned to the original owner or destroyed by shredding or other method making such materials unreadable. If you come across illegal items they should be turned over to the San Diego County Sheriffs office.

    Our primary reason for holding auctions is to be able to reclaim our encumbered storage units, so that we can rent them to new paying occupants. Successful bidders shall have one full day to empty the units they have purchased. If you have bought 1 unit and bidding ends at 2:00 PM, you have until 5:00 PM the following day to empty the unit. If you are the successful bidder on 3 units, you have 3 days, after the auction day, to move your property out. Bidders may request a second moving day for each unit they have purchased for $20 per unit. Thus, again as an example, If you bought 3 units and need 6 days to clear them out, that would cost you an additional $60.